Time to let you participate on my 3D printing journey. For a few years now, since around 2018, I’ve been getting my head around 3D printing and building 3D models.

I started out with an Ender3 - best budget device around at the time - and ended up with a Prusa i3 MK3s late in 2022. Those are “bedslingers”, because they move their bed in the Y-axis and the printhead covers x and z.

There are other kinds of 3D printers, but I got stuck on the idea of having a core X-Y one. After a lot of research, I found the RatRig VCore and decided to order one, including an enclosure. The cool thing about these printers is the flexibility to their system. You’re able to change a lot of components and the print head’s modular approach encourages this even more.

The enclosure helps keeping the temperatures steady and also allows for higher print temperatures. So I’m now able to print ABS or ASA.

Pre-ordered printed parts (ASA):

A lot of aluminum parts

Geometry is of the utmost importance

Basic frame standing

Back plate installed

Motors and pulley system

Build plate and print head rail

Printhead installed

A lot of wires

Added the enclosure panels

First draft of case lighting