I promised an article to address the dynamic DNS issue for external access to my home network. Sadly, most of the solutions involve an amount of work and configuration that was way too much to handle. My preferred solution would have been a combination of PowerDNS (SQL backend) and some updating via REST, together with my current domain hoster, domainfactory, where all xxx.dyndns.tld requests would be forwarded to PowerDNS.

Since this setup is way too complex for my small setup, I setteled for following solution:



All in all, the compromise with a dyndns service is a bearable one. Also There's the possibility to use SSL certificates with LetsEncrypt for the specific dyndns domains and also refresh them easily. The alternative is a partial custom solution: Use a provider like e.g. inwx.de that offers an integrated DynDNS service for domains hosted there, which I will try in the future.